What to Expect from Joining an NPE Community

Joining an NPE community can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. The Bradley Hall is a dedicated NPE support group that provides a safe and supportive environment for those who have recently discovered their parent is not their biological parent. Through the Bradley Hall, you can find a community of people who can relate to your experience and offer support and advice. Read on to learn more and join our community today!

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What is an NPE Community?

The Bradley Hall is a proud supporter of the NPE Community. We understand the emotional struggles individuals face when discovering that their parent is not their biological parent and offer a safe, confidential space for members to come together and share their experiences. We offer a wide range of support services, including online and in-person resources, to help those affected by NPEs feel heard and empowered. We also provide educational resources to help individuals better understand the complexities of misattributed parentage and the potential implications it can have on their lives. Our mission is to provide a safe, understanding space for those in the NPE community to come together and find solace and support.


Helpful Resources & Services

At the Bradley Hall, you can expect to find a variety of resources and services to help you navigate your NPE journey. This includes group and individual counseling sessions, support groups, and informational webinars. You can also find educational resources, such as books and articles about misattributed parentage, to help you better understand the complexities of NPEs.


A Welcoming Community

When you join an NPE support group, you can expect to be welcomed into a community of people who have a shared understanding of the emotional upheaval that can come with such a discovery. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with others who can relate, provide feedback and support, and offer advice.

Connect With Us Today

No matter how long you have been dealing with the news of misattributed parentage, joining an NPE community can be a valuable experience. By connecting with others who have been through a similar experience, you can gain a greater understanding of the issues related to non-paternity and find the strength and support you need to move forward. Connect with us today.

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