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Welcome! My name is Bradley Hall. I am a mentor, holistic transformational life coach, certified trauma recovery coach, certified mindfulness instructor, and spiritual advisor. I founded the Life In Truth (LIT) Academy in 2018 to provide instruction and facilitate dialogue to ultimately help others facilitate their own self-healing and growth. Read all about my journey and dedication to my clients, then reach out to take the first step on your own self-healing journey!

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A Search for Understanding

What Fuels My Passion for Healing?

My journey to becoming dedicated to helping others work through their traumas really began after a dramatic, life-changing experience in 2005. Since that time, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding human behavior and developing my approach to transformation and personal individuation. Today, I specialize in helping people transform their lives by enabling them to focus more on themselves. With my unique approach, and vast understanding of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, I can help you take the first steps to recovery.

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Extensive Qualifications

I am a certified Trauma Recovery Coach (IAOTRC) and a mindfulness instructor. I have a master's in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a bachelor's degree from Indiana University, and an MBA from Western Governors University. I am a certified personal trainer, certified Holistic Life Coach, and ordained metaphysical minister, with a passion for holistic health. Currently, I also serve as the Director of Accreditation for the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches.

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With my diverse life experiences and education, I have gained a deep understanding of how trauma can affect the body, mind, and spirit, and the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing to take place. This understanding allows me to connect with clients in a unique way that enables them to feel supported and empowered on their journey to healing and transformation. Reach out today to see for yourself the difference I can help make in your life!

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