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Bradley has been mentoring and coaching for over 30 years. He has knowledge and experience with managing stress & anxiety, trauma recovery, mindfulness, and small business. He is a certified trauma recovery coach, and a certified mindfulness instructor, has an MBA, and is currently finishing his PhD in Jungian & Archetypal Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.


May 2022 might as well be Brianne Kirkpatrick month. The Founder of Watershed DNA has been incredibly busy this month. Aside from working on her new NPE research study, her appearance on The Bradley Hall Show, and preparation for next months 2nd Annual Virtual Retreat, she's also launched her new healing course on LIT Academy called Writing is Healing.

Brianne talked about everything she's working on with Bradley on The Bradley Hall Show.

New NPE Research Study

Brianne shares new information gleaned from a study 20,000 people who experienced a surprise discovery while taking an at-home DNA test. We discuss the impact on the NPE community.

Brianne's new course on LIT Academy

Brianne explains her new course, Writing is Healing, now available on the LIT Academy, and her motivation for creating the course. The course is designed for anyone who has been negatively affected by any traumatic event, or events, and wishes to begin to heal. Writing is Healing isn't just a writing course, it is a healing course that utilizes the power of creativity to heal.


2nd Annual NPE Virtual Retreat

Brianne will be presenting at the 2nd Annual NPE Virtual Retreat on June 11th to celebrate NPE Awareness Month. Registration is only $39. If you wish to register you must either be a member of The NPE Experience, or a member of DNA NPE Friends Facebook Community. Registration is free to monthly members of The NPE Experience. Registration links can be found in the events sections of those groups. Attendance is restricted to NPE's only.

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Brianne talks about the LIT Academy

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Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LCGC

Genetic Counselor, author, writer


Meet Brianne Kirkpatrick. She is a genetic counselor, consultant, author, and founder of Watershed DNA. Brianne helps people understand and cope with unexpected DNA match results, prepare to share a DNA secret, or get “unstuck” in a family search. An alumnus of Indiana University and Northwestern University, Brianne is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, American Board of Genetic Counseling, American Counseling Association, and International Society of Genetic Genealogy. She lives in central Virginia with her husband and their three children.