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A multi-part series created for NPE’s, by NPE’s to walk through the entire NPE experience, from the trauma of initial discovery, and the disruption of our identity, the damaging, effects, the impact of secrets and trauma on family, how to begin to heal, and work towards reconciling our identity.

BONUS: Bradley Hall's presentation, "Owning Your NPE Experience" from the NPE Fellowship NPE Retreat (2020)
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Bradley Hall, MBA, CTRC-S

Bradley Hall is a holistic transformational life coach, certified trauma recovery coach, certified mindfulness instructor, and spiritual advisor. He founded the LIT Academy in 2018 to provide instruction and facilitate dialogue to ultimately help others facilitate their own self healing and growth. 

Bradley specializes in helping people transform their lives by focusing on themselves. His unique approach, and vast understanding of psychology, philosophy and spirituality, make him a highly sought after holistic transformational life coach. 

Bradley is currently pursuing his PhD in Jungian & Archetypal Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.